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GOOD Idea Campaign (One Day Implementation)

A 30-day campaign that puts focus on quality and customer satisfaction. An exciting event that gets widespread employee participation built on the premise that people closest to the problem frequently have worthwhile ideas. Offers a refreshing change of pace from the normal work routine.

This campaign is designed to tap the knowledge and experience of every member of your team: those on the firing line and in support positions. It asks each group and department to find out how they can better satisfy the needs of their internal and external customers. This campaign is flexible enough to extend its focus to quality and other areas that need improvement ideas from employees

One Day Implementation and Set Up Fee: S$4,995.

Consists of: Participation book manual for each participant and leader guides for facilitators (additional book manuals and leader guides at additional cost).

Investment: S$4,995


"Perfect Solutions For Your Personal & Professional Needs"

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